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Personalized Hospice & Palliative Care

A little known secret about us here at Nevada Hospice Care is that we evaluate and treat each patient just as unique as one’s own DNA.  Our hospice and palliative care use a holistic approach that addresses the physical, social and spiritual needs of our patients. Our interdisciplinary team is committed to providing the highest possible quality of life for our patients. Our hospice team includes the talents and expertise of many to achieve that goal. Families we touch not only see the difference in the care we provide but more importantly, they feel the difference.

About Us & Why We’re The Difference

We are committed to going above and beyond, never settling for anything less than excellence. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders and challenge ourselves to improve continuously. We start with empathy, taking the time to understand the physical, mental, and emotional needs of each patient and family member we support. We listen, make deep connections, and engage on a personal level to better serve those we support. Our approach is more about caring than anything else and is the difference that sets us apart.

You Have A Choice

There are many things to consider when deciding on hospice. The importance of choosing a suitable hospice is critical for your loved one and your family. Many physicians will make recommendations for hospices, and most hospitals and insurance groups operate their divisions of hospice. However, you have a choice – it is essential that you know you have the right to choose the hospice you feel is right for your loved one, and your doctor must respect that right.

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Family Testimonials


The professional and caring services that your organization provided for our loved one at the will never be forgotten. The book that you provided helped the family understand the full process of transitioning, it was very comforting. Each day you kept him clean and made the end of his life a comforting experience. We can’t thank you enough.


Everything we felt our brother needed, from the custom requests for breakfast, to a different bed, Nevada Hospice Care responded immediately without question. As they monitored my brother on a daily basis, they recommended changes to us so that we could make the decisions for our brother.


Not only did they take excellent care of my mom , they were also there for me. Very professional caring people. I really don’t know what I would of done without them. They are the best.


To all members of Nevada Hospice who assisted my mom. Thank you all for your compassion and kindness to my mom and myself during the last hours of her life. I will always remember your kind words to me. You are a wonderful group of people.

Rosemary Testimonial