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End Of Life Care - Death Of A Parent, Are You Prepared?


It’s hard to envision a life without our parents. They have been by our side for all of the important moments of our lifetimes. Yet, we understand it’s something we will eventually have to face at some point.

While it’s natural to avoid talking about difficult topics like preparing for a parent’s death, being psychologically and financially ill-equipped only to makes the situation more challenging. Even if your parent is hesitant to discuss the topic with you, broaching the subject before a crisis hit allows them to make their wishes apparent.

The Benefits of being prepared for a parent's end of life care process

Planning ahead for your parents’ death will help ensure that your parents’ wishes are met and save you from having to make a difficult decision hastily. A few benefits of being prepared for the end of life care process:

  • Inspiring your parent to take a committed role in their future and legacy
  • The serenity of knowing you are fulfilling their desires
  • Realizing where all your essential documents are situated before you need them
  • Preventing  legal predicaments over monetary and health care decisions
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How to psychologically prepare for the loss of a parent.

As our parents age or become ill, it’s natural to avert thinking about losing them. But emotionally preparing yourself for a parent’s end of life care can enhance your life and your parent’s life.

A few ways to emotionally prepare for the death of a parent might include:

  • Take this opportunity to inform them what you need them to know. Say, “I love you,” “I’m sorry.” “I should have listened to you” or “I forgive you” while you have the opportunity.
  • Pay tribute to your parent while they’re still living. Do not wait until the funeral to reveal funny stories or talk about how much they meant to you. Include your parent in your recalling. 
  • Work with your parent to make a recording of your parent’s life. Get your parent’s stories, their advice on what they would have done differently, their recipes, and favorite sayings. Or perhaps a personal message to each child for when their end of life process is complete.  These can be recorded in a journal, videotaped, or even virtual reality for a more personal touch.
  • Find support if you are battling with anticipatory grief. Speak with a hospice grief support specialist, or join a caregiver assistance group.

Get financially prepared before the death of a parent.

Ensuring your parent’s matters are in order can reassure them and save you and your family a lot of needless stress at an already difficult time. Getting their health care and financial wishes spelled out in advance directives to protect your parents and your family. This is by ensuring someone they trust is responsible for carrying out their last wishes. This individual will have the authority to manage decisions when they are no longer able to do so themselves. Helping in avoiding the often costly and time-consuming court proceedings needed to have someone assigned.

A few essential things to get in order may include:

Make sure to make copies of important financial and legal documents. Keeping them in an easily accessible place. You may need to consult them or share copies of these records several times.

Financial end of life care planning

How Nevada Hospice Care can help you prepare for the end of life care process with a parent.

The emotional and physical demands for caring for a terminally ill parent can be overwhelming. Nevada Hospice Care is a treatment for the whole family. By supplementing the caretaking, we provide your parents with instructions and assistance so you can concentrate on making the most out of the time you have left. Leaving you the critical time generating meaningful moments to hold onto.

Nevada Hospice Care can be provided wherever your parent is residing. Whether in your family home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. This allows your parent to stay in an atmosphere where they are most secure and adhere to their own schedule without the anxiety and disruption that come with the typical hospital setting.

Your parent’s hospice specialty team will visit several times a week to oversee symptoms in the home. As well as provide emotional and spiritual support. Simultaneously, volunteers are available for social visits and giving family members their much-needed breaks.

Each patient admitted to Nevada Hospice Care will be provided you with a comprehensive care plan adjusted to your parent’s progresses, and increased visits are needed. The emphasis is always on honoring your parent’s end-of-life care wishes and the best possible quality of life. Now is not the time to cure, but make comfortable, safe, and happy, ensuring the most comfortable last months for our patients.

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