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Can Examination About Ones End Of Life, Transform You Into A More Compassionate Person?

For more than a century, our modern society has been deliberately oblivious to the realism of death. When death was removed from the home with the increased availability of hospitals and funeral homes. It has been relatively easy to shove the thought of the end of life out of our conscious, making it a forbidden subject. There was even a belief time when thinking about death was considered pathological and destructive.

But today, thanks to recent research, we know that death awareness, including thinking and reading about our own end of life, has constructive benefits. A recent article by Kenneth Vail and colleagues at the University of Missouri shows an analysis of numerous studies on the impact of becoming aware of death. Needless to say, the findings are inspiring.

Did you know, knowledge of end of life leads to an increased behavior of helping others?

Did you know people who had recently been informed of their own onset of death were more likely to help a outsider in need? The fact is an increased awareness of death directly correlated with an increase in positive dynamics like empathy, patience, and compassion.

I can personally confirm these correlations after falling extremely ill with Lyme, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and over 300 sub infections. The first few years, I was pretty much the same. Still, when it came down to me, actually falling on death’s door, I woke up. I became a more compassionate and caring person. 

My entire life purpose and goals changed utterly.  I was and am currently focused on helping others understand disease and pain. Notably, working on better synergetic combinations of organic herbs to help relieve and correct years of bad habits and unknowing ignorance slapped together with horrible advice for decades. I was driven by all the misinformation that we as humans have been misguided due to a lack of others’ own knowledge and regurgitation habits versus up-to-date research and studies.  For many of us, when we understand that life is fleeting, we tend to focus more on the things that really matter, including others’ well-being.

End of Life Care

Those aware of nearing the end of life are more likely to care about our ecosystem.

Again, the understanding that life is delicate can lead us to care more about all of life, including the natural energy that surrounds us and our planet’s life. Those who do not reject that death is part of the cycle of life are more inclined to be cautious with that life in all its forms

Death awareness parallels with empathy toward those from other fractions.

Researchers have shown that members of certain fundamentalist religious parties who undergone an increase in death awareness were more likely to demonstrate compassion and tolerance toward those of other faiths. Peace becomes a more prized commodity when we acknowledge that our lives have a restricted allotment.

Understanding of death leads to healthier behaviors.

It may seem apparent, but studies have confirmed that people who are aware of their mortality tend to make better selections for their overall well-being. Increasing in exercise, quitting bad habits, doing self-examinations, and even using sunscreens are all behavior changes that have been linked to death awareness. We cherish life more when we
know it won’t last forever. We understand the realization of our bodies slowing
down, energy depleted, mind not as sharp, and, so many other slow and progressive
symptoms.  Perhaps this is why we settle down in our older age, realizing what really matters and focusing what we have left on those morals and principles.

The conclusions of these findings show us that our entire society can benefit from getting out of denial and becoming more openly cognizant of death. In fact, it appears from this info that many of the problems that presently affect humankind could be alleviated
with better perception of and education about death.

Healthier Habbits

One way to increase death awareness is by reading books that provide factual information about all aspects of the end of life. Also, inspiring stories about the end of life can help us see beyond our fears and get comfortable with death’s reality. Books can take us outside our everyday experience and expose us to new ideas that stretch our boundaries.

Besides, by reading the stories of others who are coping with mortality, we learn that we face the same battles as humans here on planet Earth. The challenges we share are far greater than the disparities that exist between us.

 “You always assume your own pain and heartbreak are unparalleled in the history of the world, but then you do your research. It was digging for truths that taught me the things that tormented me the most, were the very things that attached me to the living, and, anyone who had ever been alive.” – Timothy Bolton

By reading books about death and the end of life, we can increase our own death-awareness and prepare ourselves to be sources of information and inspiration for others.

Here at Nevada Hospice Care we offer an arrangement of bereavement services to loved ones and family members in helping them understand and cope with these difficult times.  We are experts in the process and help others come to the realization and understanding of the end of life process.  Its just one of our many outstanding services that we offer here at Nevada Hospice Care. 

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