How to Ask Your Doctor About Hospice

When you meet the following criteria, you will qualify for the Medicare Hospice Benefits

  • You qualify for Part A of Medicare (Hospital Insurance). Check if is the best spot for you
  • The doctor and the hospice specialist agree that your life span is six months or fewer.
  • You would prefer to seek palliative care for ease, not a cure.

Hоѕрісе саrе mау be stopped аt аnу tіmе. You will still contribute to hospice treatment as long as you meet the qualification criteria. People who surpass life expectancy could even receive hospice services for a further six months, and such additional incentives are not penalized. A hospice practitioner will continue to re-certify, at some times, that the prognosis should stay six months or fewer.

How to Ask Your Doctors About Hospice:

Hоw tо Ask Yоur Doctors Abоut Hоѕрісе:

Your dосtоr, family, аnd еvеn you саn be hеlреd bу hоѕрісе. It’ ѕ nаturаl tо shy away frоm tаlkіng аbоut dеаth. When your loved ones or you have a severe illness, the specialist may want to talk to you about end-of-life care, including what hospice may help you with.

The most appropriate time to have a discussion about hospice with your doctor is long before it is needed. Research shows that people who talk to their doctors about the end of life are less anxious for death and more in control of their health care as they approach it. More so, they always believe their doctor and their relatives respect their desires more.

Tips and advice- Speaking to your doctors

Never wait until a crisis happens before talking to your doctor about end-of-life therapies. In most cases, the doctor usually waits until you begin the conversation. If you speak to your doctor about your concerns and choices, it is essential that:

  • If you have an advance directive, kindly open up to your doctor about it.
  • Before completing your advance directive, make sure that your doctor gives you an obvious explanation about treatments or procedures that may be confusing.
  • Ensure that your doctor knows what you need.
  • Determine if the doctor is going to follow the advance directives. The law doesn’t require doctors to obey prior orders, whether for religious or legal purposes if they disagree with your demands.
  • Discuss the possible effects of the grievance with your doctor.
  • Send the completed advance directive copy to the doctor. Be sure the doctor understands the name and contact number of the appointed health care provider.
  • Ensure the doctor is informed of the desires for your relatives and designated care representative.
  • Caregivers may advise the physicians to support the loved one who is sick.
  • Figure out what to expect from the doctor regarding the discomfort and what might be the pain relief choices.
  • Finally, re-evaluate your options, which could change as situation changes in your life.

Ask Your Doctor:

  • Will you talk about my illness openly and frankly with my family and with me?
  • What actions are my family and I going to have to take, and what details are you willing to give to help us make those decisions?
  • Would you head to my insurance company or health plan to stand for me because you believe their actions are not in my best interest?

If I’m having a great deal of discomfort or other uncomfortable illnesses, what will you do?

The Personal Doctor’s Role:

While a physician is part of the Nevada Hospice Care team, your personal physician may continue to guide your care plan. Nevada Hospice Services supports the role of private doctors in overseeing a patient’s condition.



Family Testimonials


The professional and caring services that your organization provided for our loved one at the will never be forgotten. The book that you provided helped the family understand the full process of transitioning, it was very comforting. Each day you kept him clean and made the end of his life a comforting experience. We can’t thank you enough.


Everything we felt our brother needed, from the custom requests for breakfast, to a different bed, Nevada Hospice Care responded immediately without question. As they monitored my brother on a daily basis, they recommended changes to us so that we could make the decisions for our brother.


Not only did they take excellent care of my mom , they were also there for me. Very professional caring people. I really don’t know what I would of done without them. They are the best.


To all members of Nevada Hospice who assisted my mom. Thank you all for your compassion and kindness to my mom and myself during the last hours of her life. I will always remember your kind words to me. You are a wonderful group of people.

Rosemary Testimonial