Official Authorized OWCP Medical Program Provider

No-Cost Services

We offer in-home hospice services at no cost to patients.

How can we offer no-cost services? The Department of Labor (DOE) pays for the medical care related to your covered conditions under the EEOICPA/RECA program. We employ licensed registered nurses, Home Health Aides/Personal Caregivers to provide in-home hospice care services based on your medical needs. We also provide bereavement support for the patient and for surviving family members for a full year. We are here to help you when you need us the most.

Nevada Hospice Care - Official Authorized OWCP Medical Program Provider

Nevada Hospice Care is pleased to announce that we are now proud medical providers to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs!

Nevada Hospice Care is currently enrolled in the following Hospice Care Programs:

Provided No-Cost Services


No- cost services provided to you by highly trained and friendly healthcare professionals

We offer a wide range of services to accommodate our patients specific needs.  We can easily increase or decrease our care model as deemed necessary to fit any of our patients specific conditions.

Medical Monitoring:

Assistance w/ Activities of Daily Living:

Skilled Nursing Care:

Professional Doctor Care:



Medical Equipment:

Nevada Hospice Care has partnered with equipment providers that are dedicated to providing professional personalized services. With durable medical equipment, ensuring our patients needs are met leaving them comfortably in their own homes. 

Personal Case Management:

Nevada Hospice Care offers Case Managers to oversee your care team. The Case Managers’  primary job is to maintain patient health and function to it highest possible level. Your Case Manager is not only your coordinator but your highest advocate, ensuring effective communication, collaboration and health care between you, your family, your physicians, and any other providers that you may continuity see for care.

EEOICPA Liaison Services:

Our patients need not worry about going at this alone!  Nevada Hospice Care has teamed up with a loyal service agency that specializes in assisting our patients with navigating the EEOICPA trenches.  From questions to claims, obtaining ancillary medical benefits, filing for reimbursements from out of pocket expenses, and all other benefits available to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you are not covered by EEOICPA or RECA you may still have access to the same benefits through another means.    Learn More

We can refer you to a doctor whom may do a physical work up to determine if you have any illnesses associated with working for the Department of Energy.  Learn More

Claimants must submit an in-depth record of employment history as well as a medical evidence of diagnosis in addition to official claim forms.  Learn More

Unfortunately, it is not a permanent benefit. Approval for in home health care services is granted for up to six-month periods at a time and must be renewed.  Learn More

The EEOICPA allows former and current employees of the DOE to receive benefits if they are now suffering from cancer after being exposed to carcinogens.  Learn More