End of Life – Death of A Parent, Are You Prepared?

End Of Life Care – Death Of A Parent, Are You Prepared?   It’s hard to envision a life without our parents. They have been by our side for all of the important moments of our lifetimes. Yet, we understand it’s something we will eventually have to face at some point. While it’s natural to avoid […]

Alzheimer’s Disease & End-of-Life Care

Alzheimer’s is an aggressive degenerative brain disease that is caused by multiple complex and poorly understood brain changes. These changes lead to dementia type symptoms that gradually worsen over time, with the earliest signs being trouble remembering new information. This is because the disease typically impacts the frontal lobe first, which is the part of […]

Alzheimer’s & Hospice: What to Expect Towards End of Life

The cause of death in people with Alzheimer’s disease varies from person to person, but we can still discern that there is a basic pattern to the process. Alzheimer patients will slowly lose their ability to control essential body functions, such as eating, drinking, and toileting. At some point, their bodies shut down. Eventually, Alzheimer’s […]